Our Story

The 3D Volleyball Club is the embodiment of a hope to provide accessible elite level coaching along with opportunities to play volleyball for athletes looking to improve their skills & knowledge of the game year-round.   We strive to do this so that those athletes can prepare themselves to play at the next level, whatever that may be.

Our goal is to provide a positive learning atmosphere founded on the basic principles of good character, hard work, and mindful practice so that our athletes develop the skills for success in all areas of life, on and off the court.

The name 3D Volleyball comes from three of the important traits required of successful athletes at all levels: Dedication, Discipline, and Dependability. We strive to build solid athletes who will make a positive impact and a lasting impression wherever they may go.

3D Volleyball Club is one of 44 Gold Medal Squared certified clubs in the US which uses a proven process for training skills, techniques, and strategies for competitive excellence in Volleyball.  “Gold Medal Squared is the collaborative effort of some of our countries most successful and experienced coaches. Dr. Carl McGown, Dr. Marv Dunphy, Dr. Doug Beal, Jim McLaughlin, Chris McGown and the rest of our staff bring over 300 years of combined coaching experience. Our staff has been at the top of the game at every level: High School, Club, Collegiate, Professional Foreign Leagues, and International competition.”  Check out their link for more info!